Identity - A Blogger's Guide: The Path to Engaging Content and Increased Income

Sarah Nenni-Daher
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Do you want to earn money with affiliate marketing but website visitors just aren't clicking? Are you looking for those "raving fans" to help you grow your blog? 

I wrote this guide for clients to answer, "YES!" to both of those questions. 

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Knowing both the readers you have and the readers you want is vital to growing your blog and your income. 

WOW! Identity really helped me better understand the moms (and educators, who knew?!) reading my blog, as if I sat down and had a cup of coffee with them! The portion about the ideal reader helped me focus my content and has prompted me to speak their language when promoting my articles. 

...I could not believe how much clarity surveying my readers actually gave me. I was very hesitant to press send on that email, but the results were powerful. I now know exactly where I want to focus not only my writing, but my monetization efforts as well. I am thrilled to already have a rough action plan worked out and am excited to implement it. A must-read for any blogger! Katie, Views from a Step Stool and The Mommy View

Do you feel like you're struggling to get engagement or shares on your content? Are you spending the majority of time on promotion instead of on tasks that will earn you more income from your site? 

Identity takes you step-by-step through exercises to: 

  • create target content and images,
  • convert on affiliate partners and sponsored content,
  • develop opt-ins, resources, and lead magnets to grow your list and traffic, and
  • gain higher conversions from social media (shares and follows). 

Worksheets and detailed instructions are given to develop robust reader profiles, surveys, and action plans.  There is no cookie-cutter approach here - your results will yield specific actions to align gaps and identify opportunities. 

BONUS: you will receive a survey supplement, "Beyond the Data," which includes survey tips, questions to ask readers, and directions on reconciliation and action plans.  

Stop the guesswork and start writing for an audience who can do as much for you as you do for them. 

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Identity - A Blogger's Guide: The Path to Engaging Content and Increased Income

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